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Ultra slim 50mm design
With three cleaning program “Random, Spiral and Along the wall” to enhance maximum cleaning area
Lower noise level 65db
One button easy operation
Specially designed “sweep and suck“ motion that hardly tangles hair
Built-in anti cliff sensors reduce the possibility of the unit from falling down stairs
Dust bin full indicator
Automatically cut off when the cover is open
Touch-sensitive bumper senses obstacles
Reduce getting stuck events by slim body
Size:   300 (D) x 50 (H) mm
Weight:   1.4 KG including Battery
Adaptor Input:   AC 100-240V 50/60HZ
Adaptor Output:   19 Volt, 0.6A
Suction Power:   6.75W
Consumption Power:   17-20W
Noise level:   65dB ±5
BIN capacity:   0.21L
Battery:   800 mAH NiMH
Charging time:   4 hrs
Working time:   55 mins ±5
Built-In sensors:   Cliff sensor x3, Touch-sensitive bumper x1
Bin stuck alarm sensor x1, Cover open sensor x1
Wheel stuck sensor x2
Environment:   Storage temperature -20 ~ 50C, Working temperature 0 ~ 50C,
Working humidity 30% ~ 85%
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